Kquery 4 Alpha

Kquery 4 Alpha Build 123 1.9.1

Game server browser to monitor playing stats

Improved Warsow support


  • Improved Warsow support

Kquery is a game server browsing tool that can give you a run-down of players, rules, maps, server settings and more.

The developers claim the beta 'dual queue' system has managed a 33% performance increase and 200% reliability increase over kquery3.1 - which was already the fastest server query program around. The beta program can query and filter servers much faster than before and processes serverlists on a per-packet basis - meaning you don't have to wait for the master server to finish sending you the list before you start seeing servers.

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Kquery 4 Alpha


Kquery 4 Alpha Build 123 1.9.1

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  • by Anonymous

    Neat little program.
    Easy to use and doesnt take up your whole screen like other cluttered interfaces. Has mo...   More